This is the coolest city I’ve been to. After Japan of course (sorry China). Coming from Zhangjiajie on our delayed flight we arrived at stupid o’clock in the morning. But… thank God we had decided to treat ourselves to a stay in the luxury executive suites managed by Kempinski. So at least we had a really lovely hotel to check in to.


In the morning the first thing we did was get a taxi to happy valley theme park. Im telling you… Chinese people in theme parks are amazing. We actually had a couple pass out on the roller coaster in front of us. I laughed so much that I had dribble spilling out my mouth on the ride. The ride photo looked like I was having a seizure lol!



That night we went clubbing. Clubs in Shanghai are dope. We had such a good time with the amazing vibe and amazing music. Shanghai was a really different part to a trip because we pretty much just chilled out and walked around the city. Went shopping, found loads of “replica” designer stores. If that’s your thing… you can get an amazing deal. Looks soooo authentic I was shocked. One afternoon we walked into an underground game arcade… we had planned to spend an hour here… 3 hours later we had challenged countless people to dance mats… and lost every time of course. Asian people dont play when it comes to dance mats! Literally didn’t stand a chance.

Shanghai has got a great food scene. We ate at this beautiful restaurant called Table No.1 by Jason Atherton. Great service and great food. Was nice to eat with a knife and fork rather than chopsticks after 2 weeks!

One night we saw the ERA Intersection of Time Acrobatics Show. Which was brilliant. The final act with the motorbikes blew my mind. Turns out there are actually quite a few shows around the world that do this act, but still… seeing it so uplose was great.

Walking along the Bund and looking at the skyline was one of my favourite things. The skyline is gorgeous, a photo doesn’t do it justice!



When you go you must go to the Yi café. It’s the massive buffet restaurant in Shanghai. Aisha and I love a good buffet when on holiday… and this one was particularly good… however something from the buffet made me have egg flavoured burps until I came home. I have no idea what it was lol.

Your welcome. I know your happy I shared that!


Sadly we had to leave of course to catch our return flight from Beijing. (Kind of good because our money was running out lol). On the way to the airport we got on the train on the wrong side. Due to Aisha and Louise fashion we were already running late. When we realised to ran to the other side and went back and we were panicking. When we came out of metro we only had 7 mins before check in closed. I have never ran so fast with a suitcase before. My Suitcase actually broke back in Xi’an so i could run fast as the handle was gone and I was basically dragging it behind me screaming for Aisha to go on and leave me. Check us innnnn! (It was so dramatic im laughing whilst im typing this.) We got to the till and there was a huge que… we ran to the closest staff member and was pointing at the ticket praying he will understand. He did and rushed us to the front of the queue with 1 minute to spare… The woman looked at us both and said in the most monotone voice possible… “Flights cancelled”. LOOOL. I looked at Aisha like you have got to be joking.

So we had to get the next train to Beijing as we couldnt miss our connecting flight the next day. It took 5.5hrs. It wasn’t too bad though. We spent the time napping and playing words with friends. IMG_6204 The downside is that because we arrived at midnight we missed out on visiting the forbidden city. Which is what we had planned for our finale. But we got upgraded in our hotel which was nice and had the biggest room I have ever had in my life. It had controls to open the curtains and stuff… I actually felt so bouji! None of this getting up to let the sun in… that’s for peasants… I am elite now lol.


Thankyou Shanghai, and thankyou China! It was an amazing trip. I really will return. Couldn’t of wished for a better travel buddy either. Put up with all my early mornings, late nights and climbing fetishes lol.

Big love, Louise x

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