When researching places to visit in China, Chengdu wasn’t a place that stood out to me if I’m honest. But when I found that this was were the Panda breeding facility was… the deal was sealed. We arrived by airplane from Xi’an in the evening and booked into our hostel. In the morning we actually didn’t go straight to the panda facility. We found out via word of mouth that the worlds biggest shopping centre was in Chengdu! I had no idea it was here! It’s at least 2 times bigger than the Dubai one! So of course we had to go!


Absolutely huge. The whole day we spent there and we only managed to do one side. ONE SIDE. Ridiculous. We shopped, played in the arcade, walked along the man made beach and checked out the ice rink. After getting lost several times and spending money we wasn’t supposed to lol, we finished up the day and went home to get up early for the actual point of our detour here!IMG_4523

Chengdu Panda Breeding facility – entrance: 58Y-£6.70. You may not know, but I have boy-cotted zoos for a long time now, and will only visit places like this. I was very happy with the facility… It had a lot of space. All the pandas had a lot of space to roam around and did not seem secluded. We saw plenty of pandas eating and interacting together and it looked very comfortable for them. We saw the sweet little young pandas which were adorable, and the tiny tiny baby pandas in the incubator rooms, strengthening them to give them the strongest chance to adulthood. I am pleased to say, that last year, thanks to the hard working people of Chengdu, Pandas have moved one level DOWN on the endangered list! YAY!


The red pandas were sooo cute! They were completely free to roam around… and when the keepers put down a heap of fresh mango, they all came swarming in past our legs with their bushy tails. If you came in the right season you can also pay 1000Y (109GBP) to hold a baby panda… We didn’t come in the right season. But Im glad I didn’t now to be honest.

After that magical experience it was time to get our flight to Guilin to see the beautiful rice fields. Chengdu it was lovely. Thank you for letting us see Panda bears up close, and for the wonderful work that has been done to rectify the damage us humans have bestowed. Oh, and thanks Global Mall for all my new clothes haha.

Big love, Louise xIMG_4600


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