Xian was very cool. It was also very hot! Not as humid as the rest of china as not much greenery in comparison… alas, I got sunburnt again lol.The terracotta warriors were something that I wanted to see for a while and was incredibly pleased Aisha wanted to visit them too. We got a Night Sleeper Train (18:55 – 07:42) from Beijing West – Xi’An Main Station which cost £48.13 GBP. Booked in advance on Chinahighlights.com. It was a fun experience and you saved money on a hotel that night! We could of got tickets for a lot cheaper BUT we wanted soft sleeper beds (super comfy), however the top bunk gets too cold and the bottom one gets too hot lol. Oh, and they are not separated into sexes, so if you are uncomfortable with that then make sure there is 4 of you so nobody can book a bed in your “room”. We had a man enter our room at like 2am from a station stop. All I heard was “Louise… there’s a man in our room” LOL, it was funny and awkward all at the same time 😂.IMG_4068

We decided we only needed a day here, so we left our luggage at the station for a tiny fee. Don’t worry about finding the drop off, it’s (OBVIOUS). One of the only english signs we saw because this is a very popular tourist destination. We took the 306 bus (£0.54 GBP) and arrived at the warriors. Just follow the mass of people getting off!

#Tip: Do not buy any fur you see here… its mostly domestic cat fur. For a cat lover, I found it extremely disturbing to see a tabby cat scarf lol.

The warrior charge was (£9.80 GBP) and was incredible. There are 3 excavated sites, 1 being the largest. Every soldier has an individual face and pose, it really was amazing. They were built as the army to guard the Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his next life… wow.


The grounds of the Terracotta Warriors were beautiful. You could spend hours walking around admiring the place – We didn’t as we didn’t have time but we saw enough to enjoy it.



#Fun fact: China is notorious for having “Strange food” (If you are a westerner that is). We got ice cream… I played it safe with a milk lolly, whilst Aisha got the Jackfruit ice cream. BEARING in mind that we have both never tried Jack fruit before.

This is Not the Jackfruit IC lol

Needless to say Aisha looked like she immediately needed to throw up. I tried it as well obviously and I genuinely felt like I had licked Plant Body Odor. I had basically licked a trees armpit after a long hard day of photosynthesis. – Disgusting. Will never EVER taste that fruit again. How dare they make an ice cream out of it!!

After spending about 2 hours walking around and reading information we left and went back to the main station on the same bus. There is a massive perimeter wall that surrounds the whole city, and you can hire bikes (£3.27 GBP) and cycle on top of it in a complete square. There are many bike stations, just take the nearest steps up to the wall top and walk till you find one. This took us over 2 hours with stops for water. It was 33°C… and we didn’t know it was 20 kilometers haha. But really worth it as the views were lovely.


After this we took a bus (201,611,203) to the bell tower and had a climb and a look. It’s a lovely structure. Most chinese cities have a Bell tower in it, it’s kinda equivalent to every city in England having a cathedral. We stayed here for about 20 minutes then had to make out way back to collect our luggage and go to the airport to fly to Chengdu!



Thankyou Xi’an for that once in a lifetime experience. Will I get to come here again? Probably not. Am I happy I came. YES. Bucket list – CHECKED. Big love, Louise xIMG_4096

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