Jaipur – The pink city

Jaipur is busting with History and things to learn. It is SO worth a visit. It is also the city that is known best for Gems in India. I got some gorgeous garnet earrings (my birthstone) for £5! It is called the pink city because… yep you guessed it… a lot of the buildings are pink, or have a sandy pink hue – which makes for some brilliant photos – Did somebody say Instagram?!. 330km kilometres away is Jodhpur (the blue city) which if you have more time than I did I suspect would be amazing too. IMG_1718IMG_2448IMG_2542

Travel makes one modest – You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world

Hawa MahalIMG_1831

This has 953 Windows (jarokhas), so that the royal ladies could glance down at the street but you weren’t able to look back at them. (Bouji lol). Silver is also extremely cheap here and they do it by weight. Again – Don’t forget to bargain!

I stayed in the Hilton Jaipur. Which obviously is a more expensive hotel, but I still think that £140 for 3 nights including breakfast was not bad. Considering I was still recovering from Delhi Belly… and sometimes a nice soft bed with a bath is the perfect cure. Plus – I got to watch some great Bollywood on TV lol.

Theres some great things to do. Make sure you go to:

  • Birla Mandir – Beautiful Hindu temple
  • Galtaji Temple – Monkey temple. Literally swarming. You can buy peanuts at the entrance to feed them which was fun
  • Jagat Shiromani Temple – The biggest most beautiful Hindu temple in India – dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Meera Bai and Lord Krishna
  • Jal Mahal – An epic water palace! You can’t go in to it but you can view it. Stunning
  • Gaitore – Its actually a beautiful cemetery for the royal members of the Rajput family. But its so stunning you would think it is a temple
  • Amer Fort & Panna Meena Ka Kund – Massive fort and Old swimming pool

  • Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is the best of the astrological playgrounds in India. There is one in Delhi but this one is better with 13 instruments to admire. They were used to workout stuff from the stars which is incredible as they are so old. It seems a lot of the time 3rd world countries are ahead of us… and then we come along and rob the land of its heritage. Ashamed to be from the western world at times. There were so many temples that used to be completely laced with gold and jewels…. But the British came along and actually scraped the gold off the walls and yanked the jewels out. Sigh.

  • The last place I am going to mention is ELEPHANTASTIC. Incredible, amazing and eye opening. So a few years ago I decided to boycott zoos as I don’t like the fact that an animal is trapped in a cage for all its life just so I can go and look at it. I personally think zoos should not be around, period. But anyway – my opinion. I will only visit sanctuaries now as I know they are protecting the animal for whatever reason. Elephantastic is a place where elephants have been rescued from the gruelling jobs it had when working for humans. Imagine everyday dragging tourists up the mountain to the fort so they can have the experience of riding you. A lot of people do not understand what an elephant goes through so that it will be ridden. Elephants are not like horses and can be easily trained, you physically have to break an elephants soul so that it depends on you for survival. It’s a horrendous process, and its done as a baby :(. Heres a link to learn more about it… The crush. Basically please don’t entertain this industry… its heart breaking. Anyway… this place was great. Obviously the elephants still depend on humans as they have been broken, but they are able to have fun and play around and interact with each other without being chained to a wall. Its lovely. I got to feed “My elephant for the day” and give her a bath. It was magical. Her name was Muskan, which means smile in Hindi. She was beautiful and she didn’t like to eat the fibrous plants – she was picky and only liked the ones with green leaves on them!


Once you had finished your day, you went back with the other visitors to the owners mums house were she cooked us up a delicious vegetarian dinner. I was SO full. They really looked after me, I was picked up at my hotel and dropped back. Given snacks and drinks throughout the day and a home cooked meal… WINNING.

My 3 days in Jaipur Price breakdown-

  • Accommodation – Hilton Hotel £170 including Breakfast buffet.
  • Food, snacks and water – £18
  • Tuk tuk, guides and entry fees – £13
  • ELEPHANTASTIC – I think it was ~£45. I can’t remember. Book online and have to pay in advance. Rahul will answer all questions you have quickly via email. Book here
  • Train back to Delhi – £11 First class including on train hot meal.

Total for 3 days – £257. (This would of been a lot cheaper if I had picked a cheaper hotel… But quite frankly I didn’t want to lol.


Jaipur I will miss your warmth, your History, your food but most of all… your elephants!

Big Love, Louise x

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