Crowded, loud, smelly at times… but amazing. Delhi is a vibrant city packed with markets, culture, and most of all people! Population of nearly 19 Million! If your fine with loud crowded places, but you want to experience an abundance of culture, religion and spices… come to Delhi! IMG_0641

This is in the Lodi gardens. There were so many beautiful buildings and flowers- I could of easily spent all day here.


Tip: I made a mistake on my first day in India. I booked a driver for the day and it cost me around £50 pounds – which is ridiculous. And he asked me for a tip at the end which was a joke. Yes it had air conditioning, but £50 english pounds… no way. Always use Tuk Tuks.


They are cheap, fast and safe. (Although once I had to get out and help push as it ran out of batteries haha!) They cost you nothing. Im talking around £0.40- £0.80 per journey!  

     Getting around India is actually simple and cheap. Tuk Tuks are EVERYWHERE, and they have great train systems for extremely cheap. Book trains online in advance though as they full incredibly quickly. I used Cleartrip to book my trains to Agra and to Jaipur. The prices are very low and everything is sent email confirmation. Leave plenty of time to do this as you have to make a clear trip account, and they need to verify you… its free don’t worry. First class will cost you around £15, lowest tier is around £5… but don’t do that.. there is NO air-conditioning.




So much to do and so much to see. You can very easily do New Delhi (India’s capital) in 3 days. You just need to ensure you plan it well. I booked my accommodation via which is where I book all my hotels, as I can enjoy the freedom of free cancellation if I change my mind. I stayed at the Aman continental for the start of the trip and then the Park New Delhi when I came back after Jaipur. If you really want to do India on a budget there is always Hostel World

People speak relatively good English in India back from when Britain colonised it. So it will not be too hard to ask for directions if you are lost.

WARNING: People will stare at you if you are Black or mixed race. Basically if you have afro hair they are so shocked by it, you get stared at and people try to take photos with you (without asking) so don’t get offended, it is what it is… just roll with it, pose, and ask for one back! Im probably stuck to the front of some ladies fridge lol.



I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body, and Delhi its Life – Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

Places you must visit whilst in Delhi are:

The Red Fort. – Huge Old Fort with beautiful gardens and loads of history to absorb.

  • Jantar Mantar- Interesting place consisting of astronomical instruments.
  • Jama masjid – Stunning Mosque
  • Chandni chowk – Spice markets
  • Lodi Gardens
  • Qutub Minar
  • India gate
  • Lotus temple
  • Akshardham (STUNNING- Not allowed to take photos)



Dehli is definitely worth the visit. The food is amazing, however I would strongly recommend you only eat vegetarian and drink bottled water when in India… I got Delhi belly… It wasn’t pretty. Tip: Don’t forget to say no ice! 

There is a delicious yogurt drink you may have tried in an Indian restaurant before called Lassi… It is SO delicious here… make sure you try it!

When in India you must always cover your arms, chest and legs as a woman. But your stomach can be out? This makes no sence to me, but just abide by it to avoid the dirty looks.

WARNING: Pick pocketing is a big thing over there… make sure everything is locked away inside zip pockets and your bag is pulled round to the front in busy places. I am not kidding when I say if you are not street smart you will be pick pocketed. India is not violent, so do not worry about being attacked… though its better if you are a woman traveling by your self that you get back to the hotel before dark. I walked home from a restaurant once at 8pm and I was the only woman to be seen out of a lot of men that were still out, – I felt uncomfortable.

Gold shopping is great to do here. I got some nice things. I was informed by my Asian friends when I got home that I had been over charged… But it was still cheaper than what I could possibly get in Gold in the UK so I wasn’t too upset. I should of walked out the shop and waited for them to chase me with a better price… next time ay. You can bargain for ANYTHING… even if the price is on the item… Bargain! They will normally decrease the price just to make the sell. But don’t be unreasonable… lets not forget that India is an incredibly poor country, and our tourism money feeds peoples families… so still be generous when you can.

Jama Masjid

So, Delhi. Would I go back? Absolutely! Just stay safe, Enjoy the food, Ask questions and learn something beautiful – Big love, Louise x





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